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Town of Blacksburg
105 S. Shelby Street
BlacksburgSC  29702-
Fax: 8648393663

Population: 1848
Census 2010

Cherokee County Cities and Towns
Council Meets: 2nd Tuesday - 7:00 p.m. at New Museum Building
Election: August, 2018 (Every two years)
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., M-Th


David Hogue
P.O. Box 144
Blacksburg  SC   29702
Residence Phone:    (864) 489-5198
Business Phone:      
Town Council Members 

Council MemberTelephoneEmail
S. L. Ford8648393667 
Darren Janesky8648399132 
Dennis Stroupe8648392628 
Mike Patterson 8648393374 

Town Administrative Officials and Staff

First NameMILast NameSuffixTitleTelephoneFaxEmail
Charlene Carter Administrator8648392332 charlene@townofblacksburg.com
Laura Foster Clerk/Treasurer8648392333 laura@townofblacksburg.com
Larry Flynn Attorney8646414898  
Justin Starnes Fire Chief8648396061  
Mack Byars Judge/Recorder8648392492  
Jamie Ham Police Chief8648392331  
Michael Smiley Public Works Supervisor8648392332