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City of Fountain Inn
200 North Main Street
Fountain InnSC  29644-
Fax: 8648624812

Population: 7799
Census 2010

Greenville County Cities and Towns
Council Meets: 2nd Thursday - City Hall
Election: November, 2017 (Every two years)
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 12:00 - Friday


Sam Lee
200 North Main Street
Fountain Inn  SC   29644
Residence Phone:    (864) 862-4421
Business Phone:      
Email:                          sam.lee@fountaininn.org
City Council Members 

Council MemberTelephoneEmail
Matthew King8646308909matthew.king@fountaininn.org
John Mahony8649054113john.mahony@fountaininn
Rose Ann Woods8648624041roseann.woods@fountaininn.org
Erick Chapman8648623112erick.chapman@fountainninn.org
Berry Woods Jr.8648622122 
Michael Maier8648620600michaelmaier@fountaininn.org

City Administrative Officials and Staff

First NameMILast NameSuffixTitleTelephoneFaxEmail
Eddie Case Administrator8648624422 eddie.case@fountaininn.org
Sandra Woods Clerk/Treasurer8648620882 sandra.woods@fountaininn.org
Tammy Finley Clerk of Court8647248051 tammy.finley@fountaininn.org
Gwen Britt City Secretary8648621090(864) 862-4812gwen.britt@fountaininn.org
Mike Pitman Gas Manager8648620042 mike.pitman@fountaininn.org
Ross Fletcher Supt. Gas Department8648620042 ross.fletcherl@fountaininn,org
Beth Anne Zivitski Activities Center Coordinator8648624675 bethanne.zivitski@fountaininn.org
Ronnie Meyers Fire Chief8648620010 dale.watson@fountaininn.org
Keith Morton Police Chief8648624461 kenkerber@fountaininn.org
Roger Case Director of Public Works8644093334 roger.case@fountaininn.org
Chris Barrineau Recreation Director8648624675 chris.barrineau@fountaininn.org