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City of Travelers Rest
6711 State Park Road
Travelers RestSC  29690-
Fax: 8648347270

Population: 4576
Census 2010

Greenville County Cities and Towns
Council Meets: 3rd Thursday - 6:00p.m.
Election: November, 2017 (Every two years)
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F


Wayne McCall
6711 State Park Road
Travelers Rest  SC   29690
Residence Phone:    (864) 834-7958
Business Phone:       (864) 834-8740
City Council Members 

Council MemberTelephoneEmail
Harvey Choplin 8648348740 
Steve Waddell8648348740 
Jeff George8648348740 
Grant Bumgardner8648348740 
Kelly Byers8648348740 
Rebecca Cooper8648348740 
Brandy Amidon8648348740 
Rick Floyd8648348740 

City Administrative Officials and Staff

First NameMILast NameSuffixTitleTelephoneFaxEmail
Dianna Gracely Administrator8648348740 dianna@travelersrestsc.com
Gail Braziel Clerk/Treasurer8648347958 gail@travelersrestsc.com
Shirley Burnette Clerk of Court8648341630  
RobertC.Childs, III Attorney8642429997  
Gregory Robertson Fire Chief8648345536  
Isaac Johnson City Judge8648341630  
Lance Crowe Police Chief8648349020  
Francis Allen Public Works8648349029